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Security Procedures & Regulations

Security Procedures

  • Everyone 16 years old and older, attending the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Airshow and Warrior Expo, will be required to have in their possession a picture ID for proof of identity.
  • Everyone is subject to search and will proceed through security checkpoints;
  • Exact checkpoint procedures may vary due to security posture and location of entry points;
  • Military police and security forces have the authority to turn anyone away who refuses to consent to a search;
  • Personnel will be searched using hand-held metal detectors and have their hand-carried items inspected.


No Political Activity on JBLM

While you’re here for the 2023 JBLM Airshow and Warrior Expo you’ll see the hardware and military members who provide this nation’s unmatched military might.

What you won’t see are campaign signs, the distribution of political literature, or anyone engaged in partisan political activity or campaigning.

Why? Because U.S. law and Department of Defense policy forbid partisan political activity on military installations. Violators will be told to stop or else leave JBLM.

This policy doesn’t prevent airshow attendees from wearing political t-shirts, buttons, hats, etc. – so long as they’re not actively campaigning.

Thank you.